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The Timber Trail


Ko Tainui te waka!                                   Tainui is the ancestral canoe!

Ko Pureora o Kahu te maunga!                Pureora o Kahu is the mountain!

Ko Waimiha te awa!                                  Waimiha o Kahu is the river!

Ko Maraeroa te whenua!                           Maraeroa is the ancestral land!

Ko Rereahu te tupuna!                              Rereahu is the ancestor!

Tihei Mauri Ora!                                        Life's essence!

Maraeroa A & B incorporation are kaitiaki (guardians) of the Pureora Forest Park and are proud to welcome all visitors to the Pureora region and to this Timber Trail website.

Maraeroa A & B Incorporation was established in 2014 following the return of 2,000ha of land in the Pureora region by the government. The land estate is managed by the Maraeroa A & B Inc Management Committee and part of the estate is ideal for tourism development.

Purchasing the TimberTrail.Com website is a first investment made by the Incorporation. The second investment was to obtain a DoC Concession to manage the Pureora Cabins.

Our focus is to enhance the visitor experience to Pureora particularly for those visiting to ride the fantastic Timber Trail.

Maori have a deep connection with the land, the forests and the rivers and also have a responsibility to care for visitors like our whanau (family). Below are some examples of Maori beliefs:

Kaitiakitanga (Guardianship)

Maori take their role as guardians of the land, waters, forests seriously and strive to maintain the land in the same or better condition than they inherited it. To then hand it on to the next generation for their stewardship.

Manaakitanga (Hospitality)

The responsibility to ensure visitors are cared for.

Whanaungatanga (Relationships)

A responsibility to build and maintain good relationships

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