Combining Custom Clothes

How much of our lives do we women waste standing in front of our wardrobe like rooted in the roots, because we don’t know what to wear? As of today, you can use your time more wisely: We’ll tell you the best tips and tricks for combining clothes!

In order to be able to combine clothes in a new way, it is important to know your own wardrobe inside out. But that’s not so easy, because wardrobes are real space wonders. Sometimes it even seems as if the wardrobe swallows clothes and spits them out months or years later. Here you can see even more fun fashion situations that every woman knows!

In order to get an overview of your own fashion fund, it is therefore helpful to make a thorough inventory of your wardrobe twice a year.

In spring and fall, the wardrobe should be passed through part by part. It takes time, but it’s worth the effort! This is the only way to see which treasures are hidden in the shallows of the wardrobe and how to combine existing clothing in a different way.

The wardrobe inventory is a good time to wildly try out which clothes can be combined. It’s worth being brave here. Some combinations look impossible on a coat hanger but stunning on the body.

The wardrobe inventory not only gives you an overview of blouses, dresses, and trousers, you also get to know your own style better. You should separate from clothes that you have not worn for over a year, that look disadvantageous or simply cannot be combined.

But sorting out doesn’t mean throwing it away: Maybe a girlfriend is announcing a need for one or the other part. Looking through, trying and combining is fun and prevents annoying mispurchases: As you know, women learn from fashion mistakes.

Learn to combine clothes

With only one part, completely different looks can be created. We show how this works with a simple basic that every woman should have in her wardrobe: the white blouse. By trying to recreate these looks with your clothes, you can learn how to combine them. You’re blouse and blazer fans? Here we show you how you can combine the Blazer stylishly.

Our tip: Try on your outfits at home in front of the mirror and combine your clothes to very different styles. You’ll find out: Little by little you’ll get more stylish and the clothes will be easier to combine with every look!

Look 1: Casual leisure style

Casual styling is ideal for a relaxed city stroll or a cozy girls’ evening. Just combine your blouse with a casual sweater and rolled-up boyfriend jeans in a used look. The super-comfortable sneakers in bright colors set accents.

Look 2: Elegant office chic

Combined with an elegant midi skirt, matching ankle boots and a classic bag, the result is an elegant business outfit. The following applies to accessories: less is more. Simple earrings or a discreet bracelet are enough to complete the look.

Look 3: Glamorous party outfit

This party outfit proves how exciting a white blouse can be styled. With leggings in leather look, pointed golden pumps, rhinestone clutch and statement chain you will be a sexy eye-catcher at every party.