Waikato / Waitomo, North Island, NZ

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Trail Trust

The Timber Trail

Local area

Pureora Forest is a vast 78,000 hectares, stretching across the Waitomo District and into the Taupo District, reaching south into the upper Ruapehu District.

Relatively stable temperatures during summer and into late autumn ranging 10°C - 22°C. During the winter months, rain and cold weather will keep temperatures in the single figures between 0°C - 5°C.

Whether you’re interested in walking, mountain biking, hunting, holidaying or enjoying the fauna and flora of this ancient forest Pureora offers something for all.

Getting to www.paharakeke.co.nz/ and The Timber Trail is from SH30 via Barryville Road.

138 Maraeroa Road, Pureora, Waikato / Waitomo, North Island, NZ