Waikato / Waitomo, North Island, NZ

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The 85km Timber Trail offers a variety of rides to fit your time frame and level of cycling ability.

There is very limited cellphone coverage along the Trail.  It is essential that you plan and book your Timber Trail experience before you arrive - especially shuttle transport.

When planning your Timber Trail experience, there are a number of points that you will need to consider e.g.

  • Travel time to Pureora
    • We recommend you begin riding the trail mid morning - 10am
  • Accommodation
    • Close to/on the Trail or off the Trail
  • Transport
    • Book a shuttle for your ride back to your vehicle after your ride

If you're intested in more detailed information around how the Trail was designed please follow this link


138 Maraeroa Road, Pureora, Waikato / Waitomo, North Island, NZ