Waikato / Waitomo, North Island, NZ

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Trail Trust

Know how to travel the Trail safely

Etiquette and Safety

Please respect the environment, the trail, and all users - walkers and cyclists alike.

There are also children and senior citizens on the trail and other people with little cycling experience where reaction times maybe a little slower, so please take care at all times.

Passing Someone Going the Same Direction

  • When passing other riders, announce your intentions to pass and the side you will pass on. A simple example "Hi there. Passing on your right".
  • If you are the cyclist being passed, please move to your left to make room.
  • If you are passing a rider and are leading a group, announce to the rider you are passing that there are more behind you.
  • If you are being passed by a group, it maybe easier to stop on the side of the trail and let them pass.

Passing Someone Going in the Opposite Direction

  • Stay to your left and leave whatever room you can for the other rider.

If the other rider announces there are more behind, consider slowing down and watching for them or stopping and leaving the trail open. If you are leading a group (or are just in a group), shout "Rider(s)" to let the oncoming rider and your group know there are oncoming riders. Then announce to the oncoming rider that you have more people behind you by saying "Four Behind!".

Most importantly!!

Always offer help to a downed rider. There are various spots along the trail where there is cell phone coverage - Call 111 if someone has been seriously injured, state that you are in Pureora Forest, on the Timber Trail, and at which kilometre marker or other prominent location.

138 Maraeroa Road, Pureora, Waikato / Waitomo, North Island, NZ